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  1. Formatting your final paper in LaTeX

    If you are actually planning to submit your final paper to an ACM conference, you should format it in LaTeX. (If you're not, don't bother. And definitely prioritize content over formatting.) LaTeX is a programming language that lets you describe what should be in your paper, and then does all …

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  2. Readings for Week 12 Lecture

    Hi everyone, happy tax day. For Week 12's lecture, we have provided 8 full IDC papers for this week and tried to accommodate to various students' interests and project ideas. They are mainly in three themes: Creative Expression, Self-Regulatory Learning; Specific Knowledge Domains.

    Please choose 3 IDC papers according …

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  3. Final project groups

    Please use this spreadsheet to indicate the group (1-3 people) you will work in for the final project and the topic you plan to work on. You may continue to update this spreadsheet as ideas (or groups) change.

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  4. Preparing for crits

    There was a sense of excitement in the air today as we jumped into the final course project. Our next milestone is the critiques, on Week 11. You will pitch your idea with an initial prototype to a panel of outside educators, academics, designers, technologists, and businesspeople. (Details) Two things …

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  5. Preparing for Week 2

    Hi everyone, we're looking forward to our second week together. A few housekeeping items to prepare for this week:

    • We got a bigger, better room for lecture: Horace Mann 438. See you there on Wednesday morning.
    • Please fill out the Lab Journal form so we can read your lab journal …
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  6. Preparing for Week 1

    Welcome to Beyond Bits & Atoms! Lecture will meet in GDH 369 HM 438, from 10-11:40am. There are two short assigned readings for today (see the syllabus); please make sure you have read them before class. The lab meets from 12:40-2:40 in the TLTL, at Thompson Hall 322I …

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