Final project resources

We're in the final stretch! Here are a few resources that might help:

  • Please add your slides to this slide deck. The slides contain presentation guidelines and a randomly-assigned order of presentation.
  • We have changed the due date of the final paper to Monday, May 13 (at noon), so that you can focus on your presentation in lecture and your demo for the expo. This is a firm deadline; we need time to get grades in. You'll need to have your argument finalized for your presentation, but this exgtension will give you some extra days to finish up with your paper.
  • We have updated the final assignment with a list of questions we'll be be using to give feedback on your final presentations and demos. Please understand that this is not a rubric, and it's certainly not some kind of deterministic allocation of points. But it could be a helpful checklist to make sure you address what's most important.
  • We have posted sample slides from 2017 and 2018.