Gears Essay

Write a "Gears" essay – a short essay on “evocative” objects from your childhood/youth which have had an important impact on your intellectual life, in the same spirit of Papert’s foreword to his book Mindstorms. This is a typical assignment in constructionist course and many collections of such essays have been published by MIT Press. One of them is the book Evocative Objects by Sherry Turkle. As preparation for this assignment, read the Introduction and 2-3 chapters from Turkle's book of your choice.


Write your own "Gears" essay, loosely following the genre of the examples in Turkle's book. The essay should have more or less the same length as the one from Papert or the ones from Turkle's book—700-1000 words—but we are flexible if you want to write more. Feel free to add photos, videos, or other media. You may choose to post this on your lab journal or to create a separate document. Either way, upload it or submit a link to Canvas. (Remember, lecture assignments are always due by the end of the day on Monday.)


  • ✓ + Would not feel out of place as the foreward to Mindstorms. Generative, opinionated.
  • ✓   Would not feel out of place in Evocative Objects.
  • ✓ - Short, vague, careless.