Preparing for crits

There was a sense of excitement in the air today as we jumped into the final course project. Our next milestone is the critiques, on Week 11. You will pitch your idea with an initial prototype to a panel of outside educators, academics, designers, technologists, and businesspeople. (Details) Two things to think about now:

  1. We're going to have the lab in the evening (April 10, 5-7pm) so that we can accommodate the schedules of the outsidecritics. Please make any necessary arrangements. We recognize that evening meetings can be disruptive to your schedule, but felt it was worth it in order to bring together more of the talented professionals who live and work in this city. If you can't make it, please check in with the teaching team ahead of time and we'll figure it out.
  2. We are still recruiting critics. If you have connections (or wish you did) with experts who might be good critics, please contact Chris, Paulo, or Monica. This is a great opportunity to connect with people you find really impressive and would like to meet!