Preparing for Week 8

Hi everyone,

First, I hope everyone is safe and healthy. We are going through a very difficult time in NYC and around the world but hopefully, things will improve soon. Remember to wash your hands, and do not touch your face!

Following the recommendations from Teachers College, we will move our next classes, on 3/11, online. We will meet at the same time.

For Arjun, Yipu, Isa, Paulo, Shuangting, Jonathan and I, a class is not just a formality. We deeply care about BBA and we believe that this first and foremost a community of learning. As a community, it is important for us to care for each other, and continue the learning in any medium available to us. We want to be very understanding of each student's situation, especially physical and mental health concerns. Please reach out of you need to talk. Doing the next classes online will be a challenge, but I am sure we will find creative ways to make the class effective.

Both the lecture and lab will meet at the same time. Please note that we will use the ZOOM software to meet, using this link: (Links to an external site.)

It is important to download and install the Zoom software on your phone or computer before the class. Also, we will try to turn on all the cameras, so please connect from a place where that would be possible. We will, of course, respect people's choice not to turn on cameras, but in general, it might make the experience more effective.

We will have different strategies for lecture and lab. For the lab, in particular, we will change the topic to make it more well-adapted to an online meeting. More about that soon -- but for the time being we are moving the Arduino and Lilypad activities to after the Spring Break.

See you at 10:00 am, and then 12:20pm!