Modify something you own using some digital fabrication technology in the TLTL. The idea is to explore how digital fabrication might allow us to approach the materiality of the world around us differently, to discover affordances in what we thought was immutable. One important requirement is to use some sort of algorithmic design, based on what you have learned in the lab programming tutorial. You can generate algorithmic designs in Processing or any other software, and then export them to be used in the lab's machines.


  • Bring (or wear) your modified object, ready to share how and why you modified it. If your modification didn't turn out well, prepare to share lessons learned.
  • Submit a link to a journal entry about this project. Include a short explanation of your motivation, and document your process (ideally including photos of sketches, work-in-progress, and digital assets). The intended audience is the TLTL community, particularly classmates who might not have some of the skills you have.