Week 13 notes (deliverables for April 22)

Zoom link for class meetings: https://teacherscollege.zoom.us/my/pauloblikstein

Online office hours: Check the lab hours spreadsheet lab hours spreadsheet for TA availability (and coordinate on Slack)

Week 13


Great job during yesterday's crits! As always, thank you for persevering through the logistical and technical hiccups and we hope that you all received some thought-provoking and actionable feedback. The teaching team will be reaching out over the next couple of days to debrief as well as discuss the next steps for refining ideas and developing prototypes. But also feel free to reach out and arrange one-on-ones directly. For next week's lab session, April 22, our aim is for everybody to have a working prototype to demonstrate and discuss. That means a prototype with the basic features enough to allow you to test fundamental learning goals that you aim to afford. For instance, if your goal is for learners to understand that for a circuit to work, it must be closed, then your prototype should have all the necessary pieces needed to close a circuit. Those pieces can still be funky, made out of cardboard and tape, but they allow you to test your assumptions and refine them later.

During the lab session, we hope to provide targeted technical feedback and demonstrate other prototyping methods to further improve them. As far as documentation goes, continue to bring collections of sketches, pictures, and notes to office hours and meetings!

And for the lecture, remember that your lit review is due -- to simplify things, what we want from you is just a list of 5 papers (outside of the ones we read in class) that are related to your design -- either previous designs that were similar, or theories that are important. Remember: those papers have to be outside of the ones we have read for the class -- a great place to look is the Interaction Design and Children Conference, but you will find more suggestions here: http://beyondbitsandatoms.org/final-project.html

So, in summary...

  1. No readings due
  2. Prototype due
  3. List of 5 papers due (later you will integrate these paper into your lit review)

Cheers Paulo, Yipu, Isa, Shuangting, Paulo, Arjun, Jonathan