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  1. Code

    Updated: Wed 31 January 2018

    Category: modules.


    This station is a top-down introduction to some important programming concepts. Rather than learning the nitty-gritty of a language, you will start with a working game, read the source code, and discuss design considerations for your own programming. Key concepts include:

    • Model/view architecture: Models should manage a program's …
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  2. Lab computers

    Updated: Wed 16 January 2019

    Category: modules.

    The lab stocks laptops for use in the lab. TODO we will collect documentation here.

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  3. Laser cutter

    Updated: Fri 25 January 2019

    Category: modules.


    • Be sure that all the support systems (cooling, air, exhaust) are on before using a laser.
    • Be sure you are using materials allowed in the laser. Some materials catch on fire or release poisonous gas when used with a laser cutter. PVC and vinyl are particularly toxic. Do not …
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  4. Scratch

    Updated: Mon 15 January 2018

    Category: modules.

    Getting Started

    Link to the Scratch website

    Click 'Create' on the top left corner to get started! To save your work, create an account.

    The slides from class can be found here.

    Topics introduced in this lab include - polygons, looping, encapsulation, parameters, recursion

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  5. Tangible interface tables

    Updated: Mon 21 January 2019

    Category: modules.


    TLTL is the proud home of four home-made tangible user interface tables. These are interesting interfaces because they support physical interaction with programmed environments in a context well-suited to social play. They are also an excellent example of how our digital fabrication technologies can be combined in powerful ways …

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  6. Woodshop

    Updated: Tue 16 January 2018

    Category: modules.

    Woodshop slides

    Tool/Machine-Specific Safety

    Band saw

    Check before you run your piece through to make sure your hands will not be in the sphere of action. Turn on the saw, and ensure the blade does not travel or waver. If it does, grab someone on the teaching team before …

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