Updated: Mon 15 January 2018

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Getting Started

Link to the Scratch website

Click 'Create' on the top left corner to get started! To save your work, create an account.

The slides from class can be found here.

Topics introduced in this lab include - polygons, looping, encapsulation, parameters, recursion

  • See Omni Animal for the requirements of how your Scratch design should be incorporated into the Omni Animal.

If you are curious about work people have done coding Papert's Turtle form lecture, check out svg turtle library

Scratch and CSV

If you want to use Scratch to generate cuts rather than engravings, you'll need to create a vector file. One way to do this is by using Inkscape's Path > Trace Bitmap function, which tries to fit vectors to a raster-based image. But you can also use the SVG Converter Scratch project to generate an SVG image directly. The video below gives a demo (Here's the project shown in the demo.)